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Airport Security Jobs and Employment – Transportation Security Screener
Airport security jobs are also called transportation security screener jobs. Get more details about employment in airport security jobs, including how to apply and qualifications the Transportation Security Administration or TSA requires.

Federal Job Scams
From your About Guide: Don’t be a victim! These are among the classic, fee-based job scams. Here are tips for avoiding them.

Government Computer Jobs
About computer jobs offered by U.S. Federal Government agencies. Information about finding and applying for government computer jobs is included.

Homeland Security Jobs
From your Guide, link to U.S. Federal agencies responsible for supporting the Homeland Security Department and likely to offer homeland security jobs.

Landing a US Government Job
From your About Guide: Landing a government job still differs somewhat from the traditional job search. But at least it’s not as complicated as it used to be.

Veterans’ Preference in Government Jobs
Certain veterans and disabled veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces receive preference in hiring for Federal government jobs. Once hired, veterans are also granted retention preference during Federal workforce reductions. Find out if you’re eligible.

Air Force Civilian Employment
This page describes how you can work for the Air Force without joining. Free, downloadable job kit for offline viewing.

Air Force Recruiting
All about joining the U.S. Air Force.

America’s Job Bank
The official, central site for all employment offices run by state governments. Search for government jobs (included in “regular” job searches if available) and link to your state employment office.

Armed Forces
A Web directory to all the branches of the military, veterans’ resources, federal agencies, and more.

Army Civilian Personnel Online
Work for the Army without joining. Search international jobs by region and post your résumé.

Army Recruiting
Ready to be all you can be? All about joining.

Central Intelligence Agency
Even the CIA is online looking for tech-savvy candidates, no joke. Browse high-tech, science and other jobs, and submit your résumé and cover letter.

Coast Guard Recruiting
Find out about jobs that matter.

Department of Commerce
Jobs, contracting and career opportunities with the DOC. It has many divisions, such as the Bureau of Industry and Security, Bureau of the Census, Minority Business Development Agency, National Telecommunications & Information Administration, and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Department of Defense
A portal to DOD Web sites, such as the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Defense Security Service (DSS), and Missile Defense Agency (MDA). Includes links to military enlistment, civilian military, and other DOD jobs.

Department of Health and Human Services
Browse employment opportunities at the US government agency responsible for protecting the health of all Americans. Includes paid and volunteer internships for students.

Department of the Interior
The Job Information Page for all bureaus, including Fish and Wildlife, Land Management, Geological Survey, Minerals Management and Indian Affairs.

Department of Justice
Jobs at the Department itself, plus links to jobs with the FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, US Marshal Service and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Department of Labor
Employment and benefits info for the agency responsible for enforcing several, Federal labor and employment laws. Has many labor- and employment-related divisions, to which you can link from here.

Directorate of Science and Technology
About the division of the CIA that develops and applies innovative technology to meet intelligence needs.

Department of State
How to become a Foreign Service Officer, Foreign Service Specialist or Civil Service Employee for the Department. Includes internships and student programs. See also Employment.

Department of Transportation
Information about training and applying for their jobs. Includes links to state DOT Web sites.

Department of the Treasury
The lead agency for many, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), U.S. Mint, U.S. Customs, and U.S. Secret Service.

Environmental Protection Agency
All about the EPA. For jobs, start by clicking on your region on the US map. Then browse the regional site.

FBI Employment
Information on the application process for becoming a special agent or support personnel. Includes info on the Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program.

Federal Aviation Administration
Search all jobs at the FAA or browse just the executive jobs, download application forms, and locate HR offices.

Federal Communications Commission
Browse the Employment Opportunities section at the Web site of the FCC.

Federal Emergency Management Administration
FEMA manages disaster preparation, response and recovery, such as for the September 11 terrorist attacks and weather catastrophes.

Federal Employees Survival Guide
Resources to help you start a government career or transition from a government job. Includes retirement resources and federal jobs sorted by region and state.

Federal Job Resume Builder
USAJobs (listed elsewhere in this section), the government’s official, central site for local, state and Federal jobs of all types, helps you build a resume online, suitable for most Federal jobs.

Federal Jobs Digest
US Government jobs in communications, computing, engineering and other fields.

Federal Trade Commission
About interning, working or volunteering for the FTC, essentially the nation’s consumer-protection cops. Hires mostly attorneys and economists, and clerical, paralegal and other supporting staff.

Federal Wage System
Link to salary tables and related information about compensation for US government workers.

Search US Government job announcements. A public service of FedWorld Information Network, US Department of Commerce.

A portal to millions of pages of government information, services, and transactions online.

Fish & Wildlife Service
As a bureau within the Department of the Interior, it conserves and protects fish, wildlife, plants and habitats. Create and edit your electronic resume, receive jobs by email, and apply online with their QuickHire system.

Food and Drug Administration
This links to jobs for the FDA, through USAJobs (below).

Conduct a hierarchical job search and submit your résumé at this privately-owned employment service. Includes aerospace, Federal Government and military civilian jobs.

Homeland Security Jobs
Link to Federal agencies responsible for supporting the Homeland Security Department and likely to offer homeland security jobs, courtesy of USAJobs.

Homeland Security State Contact List
Find out which agency in your state is responsible for supporting the Federal Homeland Security Department, courtesy of the White House Web site.

Human Resources Services Center
Provides personnel services to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other government agencies. Includes job and intern announcements, and accepts résumés.

Library of Congress
Employment and volunteer and internship programs, at the largest library in the world.

Marines Recruiting
How to becoming one of the few and the proud.

Military Opportunities
Multimedia, info and links about joining the armed forces, from, a career site for teens.

NASA Job Opportunities
Jobs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Centers. US citizenship required.

National Counterintelligence Executive
Except for independent contractors (ICs), the NCIX does not hire “off the street,” but rather recruits counterintelligence and security professionals from various government agencies and the military. However, you may browse this site to find out what the NCIX is about. ICs may send resumes to the address listed in the Contact section.

National Guard
Find out how you can be “Always ready, always there.” Link to the Air National Guard and Army National Guard, plus your state’s National Guard site.

National Infrastructure Protection Center
The nation’s cyber-cops investigate unlawful acts involving computer and information technologies. Employment opportunities are through the FBI.

National Park Service Careers
Information on how to apply for positions, including Park Ranger, Design and Construction, Seasonal, Administrative, Park Police and more.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jobs at the government-owned, contractor-operated research facility for the US Department of Energy. (Not civil-service jobs, but private-sector jobs.) Includes Internship and Postdoctoral Research postings.

National Security Agency Career Opportunities
Browse and submit your résumé for US intelligence and security jobs in computer science, engineering, mathematics and languages. Also has “earn while you learn” programs.

Navy and Marines Civilian Personnel
Search for international jobs by region and find out about working for the Navy and Marines as a civilian.

Navy Recruiting
Let the journey begin. All about joining.

Office of Personnel Management
The OPM is “The Federal Government’s Human Resources Agency.” Since it runs USAJobs, it hires from there for itself. You can link to its special page from the link immediately above.

Peace Corps
Volunteer for “The toughest job you’ll ever love.” for two years, or land a permanent job working within the Corps.

Postal Service
About working for the US Postal Service. To apply online, you must enter a job announcement number, which you can find in the lists of available openings.

Presidential Appointments
If you’ve got what it takes, you can apply online at the White House Web site for the ultimate government job. By the way, this is the real thing and serious stuff. It’s not for applying to work “regular” jobs or internships at the White House. For that, see White House Jobs in this section.

Public Service Employees Network
A guide to jobs, resources and services for US civil service workers. Some resources and services cost while others, like locating government employers, are free. Not affiliated with the US government.

Browse social service job openings by state or receive job postings by email. Not affiliated with the US Government.

State Government Job Resources
A guide to local and regional Department of Labor programs and services, from the U.S. Department of Labor. DOL Web sites often list state, county, city, municipal and local government job resources.

State Government Job Resources
The Job Source offers this list of links to state government job resources. Not affiliated with the government.

Student Jobs
A gateway site just for students, from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (USAJobs elsewhere in this section) and U.S. Department of Education. Search for employment and internships in the Federal government, create an online resume, receive jobs by email, and more.

Transportation Security Administration
Formed after the September 11 tragedy to protect the Nation’s transportation systems, it assists in locating related jobs through the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, USAJobs and commercial job banks. Includes jobs for the TSA itself, too.

The US Government’s official, central site for local, state and Federal jobs. (However, some agencies do their own hiring; thus, why there’s a list of agencies in this section. They’re also here so you may conduct “company” research, a good idea for interviews.) Includes information and instructions about applying, and helps you build a resume online, suitable for most Federal jobs.

Veterans’ Hiring Preference
Certain veterans and disabled veterans receive hiring preference for government jobs. When you apply, agencies will likely ask if you’re eligible and where you stand in the point system. To prepare in advance, find out here.

Washington Center for Internships
Full-time internship programs for a semester, summer or quarter term, in the private, public (government) and nonprofit sectors, and for which you might receive academic credit from your school. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions and other info. Except for placing interns, it’s not affiliated with the government.

White House Jobs
The Office of Administration provides administrative services to all entities of the Executive Office of the President (EOP), including direct support services to the President.

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