Garfield says, “I believe in planning ahead because if you spend enough time planning you never actually have to do anything.”

The objective is to spend the majority of your time in action. Watch out for analysis paralysis!

JohnMG is currently a Career & Retirement Consultant for LHH, a global career outplacement firm. He also maintains a low volume coaching practice and is licensed as a psychologist to administer and interpret professional personality, career and value assessments. You can find his online resume at JohnMG Resume

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But this is not about me, but rather about navigating a career transition.

The articles posted to this site are built around a 4-Phase Framework and an 8-Step Process.

The 4-Phase Framework

  • You Assess who you are. What does it all mean?  [DENOTE]
  • You Target where you are going. What does it all imply?  [CONNOTE]
  • You Market yourself, Tell your story. [PROMOTE]
  • Then Decide among options-take a vote and devote yourself anew. [DEVOTE]

Eight basic components: These Phases and Process also assume that there are eight basic components to the common job search. Not everyone needs, or takes time for all, but most everyone needs more than just one:

  • Assess Values, Abilities & Goals
  • Plan
  • Target Job Leads and Research Companies
  • Prepare/Retool your marketing Media (story telling) documents: resume, social media presence
  • Network (Connect-work)
  • Interview (Tell & Sell)
  • Negotiate
  • Followup

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