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I am many: Poet, Professor, Psychologist, Photographer, Parent, Coach, Mentor... A blend of Pragmatism, Philosophy, and Wit.

Founder, CEO

The 100 - 100 - 100 Club

Creative Solution to Work/Life Balance & Retirement Well-Being

100 days/yr Professional Engagement

100 days/yr Volunteer / Give Back

100 days/yr Family

65 days/yr Vacation


Creative Retirement with easy to follow frameworks.

The new retirement language will be...

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Coaching is an art

It’s about creating a new extra-ordinary normal

In what was ordinary

I am a wielder of soft influence; a provider of professional (career / transition) advice and expertise; a creator of fleeting, implicit debts of gratitude; a SME; and yet a humble craftsman of my trade—elite without being elitist, as my once premier soccer daughter and now swing dancer and writer and I remind each other. A guide, a counselor, coach and mentor. A “between acts” director; a U-curve guide; a redo-career coach; a change and transition mentor.

Professional Engagement

Stay engaged Professionally 100 days/yr

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Volunteer / Give-Back

Volunteer 100 days/yr

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Give to Family 100 days/yr

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Creative Balance

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“Thank you John, for being a friend and guide–and listening to my confused mind, as its trying to make sense of life... I feel fortunate that someone can see the process and give direction/shed light as I am trying to find myself. Few people have such a privilege and even fewer can be in a vantage point as you are. It is your gift. I truly appreciate your time, patience and interest. I feel you are God sent!!”

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