10 Things That Will Make You Look Unprofessional in Your Job Search

Alison Green,U.S.News & World Repor

If you’re job searching, you probably (hopefully!) know the basic professionalism mistakes to avoid, like using a questionable moniker in your email address, having a silly outgoing voicemail message or flooding social media with photos of yourself doing keg stands. But here are some less obvious ways that you can inadvertently come across as unprofessional in your job search.

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1. Oversharing. 

2. Trying to hide it when you don’t know something.

3. Not polishing your application materials. 

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4. Not doing your research. 

5. Interrupting.

6. Swearing. 

7. Being too informal when you’re emailing. 

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8. Openly griping about your last boss.

9. Putting your interviewer on the spot with “hard sell” questions.

10. Getting so concerned with being professional that you become stiff and don’t give the interviewer any sense of who you really are.