The Top Secrets of Corporate Recruiters, ByLeslie Stevens-Huffman

So, to understand some of the realities of corporate recruiting, here are some of its secrets.

Secret No. 1: The Most Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets the Job

Companies hire candidates for their personality and cultural fit — not for their skills, advises Abby Kohut, a New York-based recruiter, speaker and author of 101 Job Search Secrets. In fact, Kohut says successful IT candidates usually satisfy only about 75 percent of the technical requirements.

“Companies hire the least risky candidate with a great attitude and passion for technology,” says Kohut. “So focus on the requirements in the top third of the job description and spend the rest of your time explaining why you’re a good fit for the culture.”

Secret No. 2: Go Around Human Resources

Secret No. 3: Recruiters Ignore Confidential Resumes

Secret No. 4: Don’t be Afraid to Submit Your Resume via Fax or Certified Mail

Secret No. 5: They Read Resumes from the Bottom Up

Secret No. 6: Only 50 Percent of Openings are Posted

Secret No. 7: Recruiters Look for Reasons to Exclude Candidates

Secret No. 8: They Prefer Fresh Applicants

Secret No. 9: Recruiters Vet Candidates on the Internet

Secret No. 10: They Can Say No, But They Can’t Say Yes